A Great Day Out at 2 Amys

img_3643.jpgIf you are not working and feel a bit guilty (or worse) about it, Two Amys is a good lunch spot on a weekday. You will not be overrun by the ambition and success vibe. It was Ralph’s idea to go and I was happy for what felt like a teeny overseas vacation on an ordinary Tuesday with extraordinary spring weather. Italy for a couple hours.

We had a good spot for viewing, in the back between the bar and the dining room, where we could scan the restaurant’s vistas easily. We forgot to look much though, cause Ralph talks even more than I do, and the food kept us very busy.

Some of my snapshots are on the Two Amy’s page and the captions chart most of our meal. While there is a picture of only one panini we did have two. The waiter seemed perturbed by that. Did he think we would be bored?

From the blackboard we chose a Pork, Olivada and Arugula Panini, which you can see, and Pipe Dreams Goat Cheese, Red Peppers and Basil on Grilled Flat Bread, which I liked very much, although the picture I took was not flattering so it went to the cutting room floor. Flat and squishy, with creamy, tart cheese oozing out, on bread that draped over your hand, it was lovely to eat.

From roasted olives to panini to espresso, we talked like mad and ate like mad. The staff knew Ralph by name and indulged him in a small plate of syrup-soaked cherries for me to try. I let Ralph have one.


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