What’s Round On the Ends and High in the Middle?

Why oh why oh, did I go to Ohio?

The garbage omelet at Nancy’s, roundish on the ends and high in the middle, is reason enough to visit the buckeye state. Poke around inside to find a liberty garden’s worth of vegetables and the meat six-pack. Nice melty cheese glues the works together.

Stacked high and mighty on an adjoining plate, Nancy’s plainly named Breakfast Sandwich dares you to unhinge your jaw like a boa.
Speak up or your sandwich will be simply bread and sausage. Don’t pass up the lubricating egg, crisp lettuce and not-too-bad tomato slice. Oh, and mayonnaise to keep the fat ratio UP. This sandwich slides down easy.

Saturday night. Go out and catch a band, don’t drink too much. Thinking breakfast? At a counter? Me too.

If you drive with conviction the trip from DC to Nancy’s is roughly 7 hours.By the time you get there the hash browns with sausage gravy will be screaming your name.
The grease-polished flat top at Nancy’s is the picture of omelet nirvana. The sanguine woman deftly handling the eggs will slip a plate in front of you with Sunday morning calm.

One response to “What’s Round On the Ends and High in the Middle?

  1. THEY have the best chicken and noodle! I am sad they are closing.

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