Damn Samny’s

Damn, damn, damn, those Sterns beat me to the punch again. In fact, they downed the last drop from the bowl. Well, nah, they probably have plenty of other fun road food tricks up their sleeves, their rolled-up-let’s-dig-in sleeves. Damn, I wanted to drive around the country eating sandwiches and telling all us poor old house-‘n-job-bound drones about it.


Roadfood Sandwiches: Recipes and Lore from Our Favorite Shops Coast to Coast, the new book by Jane and Michael Stern, is out and can be yours for about 15 bucks. Think I’ll take my 15 clams and invest in myself via caloric intake, aka a coupla crabcake sandwiches. Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind reading about the Hot Brown, but no way am I going to make one myself. If it ain’t in Louisville, no thank you. This book is one x-acto knife away from finding a space on my shelf. Recipes be gone! Please pass the map.


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