Worsted Wursted – Picking Up a Stitch (Thread)

Resuming the liverwurst musing.

Must be signs of seasonal change. The days get shorter, my fingers itch to knit, and the braunsweiger looks so tasty in the refrigerated case. So nicely stacked in its wrapper too, like a perfect row of stockinette stitch.

Can you be a domestic goddess and still love the wurst?
Would you like that on toast, miss? I’ll just pop it into my knitoaster.

Toaster knitted by Mara Cherkasky

Knitting food? Look here and here. Knitted marzipan. V charming. Patience level? 11.


2 responses to “Worsted Wursted – Picking Up a Stitch (Thread)

  1. Hello,just joined the forum and to not be ghost user with no posts will post some USELESS joke 🙂

    Smoking in the Rain

    Two old ladies were waiting for a bus and one of them was smoking a cigarette. It started to rain, so the old lady reached into her purse, took out a condom, cut off the tip and slipped it over her cigarette and continued to smoke.
    Her friend saw this and said, “Hey that’s a good idea! But, what is that thing you put over your cigarette?”
    The other old lady said, “It’s a condom.”
    “A condom? Where do you get those?”
    The lady with the cigarette told her friend that you could purchase condoms at the pharmacy. When the two old ladies arrived downtown, the old lady with all the questions went into the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist if he sold condoms. The pharmacist said yes, but looked a little surprised that this old woman was interested in condoms, so he asked her, “What size do you want?”
    The old lady thought for a minute and said, “One that will fit a Camel.”

    poor,poor Camel 🙂 🙂

    P.S. Do not Click Here 🙂

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