Brawn Swagger – Love is the Wurst

When was the last time you saw liverwurst ahead of you on the grocery store conveyor belt? It’s in the case. Who buys it? I did. Then I swaggered to the self check out with my plastic packet of braunschweiger. You gotta be macho to love the wurst.
Come to find out, all braunschweiger is liver sausage, but not all liver sausage is braunschweiger.

Braunschweiger is traditionally made with pig hearts (among other things). Perhaps that accounts for its visceral appeal. It’s life is brief, too, so dive in before it spoils. That’s love for ya.


2 responses to “Brawn Swagger – Love is the Wurst

  1. Can’t believe I missed this. I must be more macho than I thought because I LOVE braunschweiger!

    But not too “livery” please.

  2. I love braunschweger too! Am on here looking for recipes and can’t find them. My dad, brothers, sons and dogs love braunschweder! But there has to be more to it than onion and mayo between bread.

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