Reno Reno Reno Honey Reno Reno Reno

While I have meatloaf on my mind…

The best meatloaf sandwich in the world (and my favorite all time sandwich) can be had at Big Ed’s in Reno, NV. There is a large slab of delicious meatloaf, chutney, cheddar and pepperjack cheese on sourdough bread. It is then grilled so the cheese is all gooey. My brother actually ordered this sandwich with bacon once—I figured why tamper with perfection.

Both my brothers live in Reno and when I visit, the first thing we do when they pick me up at the airport is to head to Big Ed’s for lunch. One time, they had run out of meatloaf by the time I got there so we had to go the next day.
Paula J

And more from Paula’s brother:
Big Ed’s has been around for about 20 years (the building housed the Depression Deli before that). It is nestled between the Alturas biker bar, DbarM saddlery, and the strip joint across the street. It attracts a mixed clientele from state senators, lawyers, to the average working Joe. Professional cowboys are known to frequent it when the rodeo is in town.

While I am not sure if the meatloaf sandwich is a “signature dish” (although it is my favorite), Big Ed’s is also known for:

Amazing eggs benedict (and they make a mean bloody mary).
Buster Burger-hamburger patty, Canadian bacon, fried egg, cheese.

My brother was not sure if they serve breakfast all day but as I recall, it is still being served at noon on weekdays. Other good things are the pastrami sandwich and the chicken fried steak.

While you will not leave hungry, and may not even clear your plate, the portions are not obscene (i.e. Cheesecake Factory size)

Casual atmosphere—booths and tables, wood floor, wood bar, wood paneling.TV with sports on above the bar. Photos and beer stuff on the walls. Seasonally appropriate decorations (e.g. I bet there are some Halloween things up now.)


One response to “Reno Reno Reno Honey Reno Reno Reno

  1. I found some great honey @ Paul Schat’s Bakery in Carson City, Local too!

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