Which Came First?

The club sandwich or the frill?
Cellophane is oddly fascinating, too

In bookstores now!
The Toothpick

The Toothpick,” …is the work of a maddeningly sober pedant who is anything but a crowd pleaser.
Joe Queenan for The New York Times

Now there’s a book I don’t wish I wrote, but still… it’s got me thinking. About sandwich periphernalia. Frilly toothpicks, cutters,
(girlie ones)
(graphic ones)
and sandwich keepers (“your best friend at work”).
How do I live without this?

Vaguely related thought: A radio interview with Henry Petroski was introduced with a few words about the book, including a mention of its copious footnotes. Toothpicks juxtaposed with footnotes, ick. I once had a dentist named Dr. Footer and found that a bit disgusting, too.


2 responses to “Which Came First?

  1. Check it out; the interviewer was a little off. There are no footnotes in this book, per se. There are endnotes, which is a very different thing in the publishing world.

    If there’s anything Petroski and his books aren’t, it’s pedantic or stuffy.

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