Wich Lit

Sandwiches rock so hard. They are sort of a maligned artifact in today’s cusinary.


How true. I didn’t say it and I agree.


American Sandwich turned up in my mailbox today in a plain brown envelope. A Gift?! For me?! And this postcard. Jenn in LA always knows what to do. A real class act, she is.


There are, oddly enough, no pictures of sandwiches in this book. Budgetary, I’ll betcha. However, loads of old postcards grace the pages and cusinary puzzlers, true headscratchers.

  • Hot Hamburgers. As opposed to what?
  • The Hippo. Extra long toothpicks required.
  • Cheese Frenchee. With American and Swiss cheeses.
  • Fleischkuechle. Fleisch looks so much nicer than meat. Sensuous.

I’m digging this book and plan to use it as a roadmap, glove compartmented. Rolling for Pork Roll!


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