Toast Poast XII


As the last thread tore free, a thought formed…maybe I should not be ripping the cover off this highly collectible toasterzine! It’s a Special Issue. Focusing on Non-Electric Toasters! The words that gave me pause were “Published This Time.” Ya know what, I don’t believe I have received an issue since. V.3, No.2 in 3 beauteous hues was delivered in ’00.

I know for a hard fact that The Toaster Museum Foundation is as vital as ever. Cyberally anyhoo. If you take a look, which you should, you may think I have been pirating Toast Poasts from this generous Charlottesville, VA outfit, but I have not, cross my heart. Once my personal collection is depleted (nevah!!) their riches could be pillaged, but nah. That’d be dull and dishonorable.

Several years ago, on a sheen of an autumn day I tenderly packed my 30 vintage toasters into the hatch and, lightfooted on the hammer, tooled to Charlottesville for a pre-arranged handoff. Now I’m down to, or up to, depending on how you look at it, 100+ tiny toasters, all 6 inches or under.

My dream for the big toasters was a breakfast/lunch spot with a toaster on every table. Custom toast all around. Done to your liking, hot and crisp. Set that dream down a while back and Cyber Lunch Encounter stepped up. You can’t see my apron, but it’s butter yellow with a sweet ruffle on the pocket. When the door swings open, I’m always glad to see you stride in.

White, wheat or rye, honey?
Buttered or dry?
Coffee in your cup, dear?
Sunny side up?


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