The half smoke is a DC thing – about the only indigenous DC food, far as I can tell.

Folks don’t emerge from airplanes on a half smoke prowl though. Not like lobster roll aficionados traveling to Maine, or pulled pork devotees driving south. Still and all, you gotta wrap your hometown flag in somethin’ and I’ll take the half smoke.

A dirty water dog from a vendor will do, but the Weenie Beenie will do you better by at least half.

Weenie Beenie!! A rare unoccupied moment. The ghosts in the parking lot can still smell the half smokes.

Wiki Weenie here. While my infatuation with the Weenie Beenie is consuming, I cannot mention half smokes without putting in a plug for Ben’s Chili Bowl. Ben’s is beloved here in DC, and rightly so.

(Word on the street is Van Camp’s increased the weenie to beanie ratio. Believe I felt the earth move.)


2 responses to “As Opposed to BEANIE WEENIE


    Ben’s is opening a new place next door.

  2. Oh wow. Interesting. Thanks.
    I love the expression “original bowl” from your story.

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