Did I Come Down With the Last Snow?

How could I have lived so long without this ever coming onto my radar screen?

What in the name of Luther is this?!?!?
Holy Mother of Jelly Doughnuts, they are Lutherburgers!

From the NY Times (Right. I could not make this up.)

The Krispy Kreme Burger
There’s the obesity crisis, and then there’s the “Lady’s Brunch Burger” — a half-pound beef patty topped with bacon and egg fried in butter, served with glazed donuts in lieu of a bun if you like. It’s one of the “recipes courtesy Paula Deen” on foodnetwork.com

No comment.

Aah, hell, I have to comment. Blech. I am no stranger to porklust, fried dough desire, and egglove, but this repulses me. I believe it started with the burger. I believe more strongly that the burger, in this incarnation, should be 86’d. Deep six that patty and leave us with a nice breakfast.


6 responses to “Did I Come Down With the Last Snow?

  1. Deep fry the whole thing and it is ready to be sold at the Minnesota State Fair!

  2. I’ll take a deep fried cream puff myself!

  3. Goodness….hmmm. Is that the word for it???

  4. This is so many shades of scary.

  5. Yes indeedy. Gives one chills, doesn’t it??

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