Pirate Chef’s Hat/Pirate’s Chef Hat – What’s the Diff?

From Richard “Words Fail Me and Drawing’s Too Hard” Thompson

“And that bologna rind. Blah,” says Mike Rhode.

Coincidentally, I stopped by Mike Rhode’s today and who should appear but Richard Thompson! With his new book, Cul de Sac! He doesn’t look a thing like this guy in the strip, other than being a guy, a skinny guy.

Richard says all the restaurants at the beach serve either pancakes or seafood. I believe it. Do YOU like pancakes that much? I don’t. Does anyone? What gives with all the pancake joints?

Standing around chatting in the sunshine, mulling over the pancake/seafood combo, a weird meal from the past sprang to mind. There is a seafood spot on Ocracoke Island, the Pelican, a place we’ve been many times for ever-so-slightly Southern style cooking, including hush puppies.

Tuesday nights the Pelican used to have a special sushi menu. Wellll….went with a crowd, humans of all ages and gastronomic persuasion. Had a feast of….sushi and hush puppies! It was wonderfully odd. Shush puppies.

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