Hot On the Trail

Ouchy! HOT!
The Toastove turns up the dial on combo-vision. Toaster, hot plate and warmer. Keep it next to your bed, you never have to get up.

A couple weeks ago the Post food section added feathers to the beds of praise for Taylor Gourmet and for Andy Smith’s new book about burgers. Both entities, sprung from the imaginations of verdant minds and hearts, were known to me, as peripheral acquaintances, so I learned a bit more about them from the Post’s reporting. I was in pursuit, the Post upped the heat on the trail, and soon both Taylor Gourmet and Hamburger: A Global History will own real estate in my collective unconscious. You might want to make room too.

Here is my earlier, albeit brief, post on Taylor Gourmet. And the Post’s words on
Taylor Gourmet  The local rag got scooped by me and I was scooped by that e-rag, Daily Candy.

The hoagie guys who run Taylor are attached to their Philadelphia roots. Is DC north or south? Philly leaning or more toward Atlanta? We do not call them hoagies here. Simply subs, which to me is newscaster-speak, no known affiliation or accent. DC is stateless, but not without identity.


Andrew Smith spoke last Sunday to the Culinary Historians of Washington about his new book Hamburger: A Global History. This week the Post ran a short interview with him. You saw it all first here. Oh, cutting a scorching path!

While we are on the hamburger trail, I must chime in on Ray’s Hell-burger. The word is not chime. The word is pontificate. Hell that’s a hell of a burger. A leap followed by a long, slow, airborne sail over most others. Dastardly delicious. It’s the meat. Meat. Grass fed? Don’t know. Outspoken. Do know. Yes.
I’m of two minds, at least two, on burgers on this blog. They are sandwiches, no doubt, but such an enormous sub-section that they rule a separate and equal universe. Sub, the burger is not. One mind warns against wandering too far down the burger trail, and the other mind says, Oh what the hell!


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