Let’s Lefse!

Let us now praise lefse. Potatoes are a food with broad shoulders – delicious, nutritious, easy to grow, versatile. Did you know you can live on potatoes, practically? So says my mother. She even takes it so far as to claim that you can practically live on potato chips. Explains the Irish potato famine. Too much dependence on one crop.
1. With a little butter.
2. With a little more butter.
3. With lots of butter.

Which came first, the potato or the cow?

lefseboardAmong the seven of us we have three griddles, six pins, six turning sticks, three rolling boards and countless pin sleeves, courtesy of my mother who shops in the midwest each summer. Pretty much no one wants to roll except three of us. So we do. I like the zen of rolling. Ella has the soul of a lefse roller, very calm and quiet. I store up that part of my soul for an entire year each year, to be milked dry annually when we make lefse for Christmas.
uffdaUff da! You can say that again. Chipped Beef and Cheez Whiz. Saves on pots and pans. Open, heat and eat. Oooooph dah.


A good all meat weiner. Does it really say ALL MEAT? Okay. I’m down with that, although I go for a little filler. Freeze for future use?? Say what? Say why?!?

A hundred pieces of brown-spotted, translucent, noodle-tender lefse later…
…we sat down….
…for hot tea and stollen, as any Scandinavian worth their weight in potatoes would do.


4 responses to “Let’s Lefse!

  1. Do you give lessons on making lefse?

  2. What a good idea. My mother would be the one. She is an expert and she is retired.

  3. Where in the Baltimore area can I get lefse?

  4. I don’t think you can buy lefse in the Baltimore area. The only options that I know of are to mailorder it from Wisconsin possibly or to make it yourself. If you find it around Baltimore, let me know!

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