Toast Poast XVIII

White enamel combo toaster, hotplate, and warming oven.
Manufacturer: Lasko Metal Products Inc.
Brand Name: Toastove.
Model Number: none on toaster
Keep this in your bedroom and you can have lunch at your fingertips while still prone. Do NOT set your pillow aflame. It will smoke and then smolder for days.

Hand appliance takes on a whole new meaning when you are a food stylist. Did you know you can cook an entire pizza or tuna melt with an electric paint stripper? paintstripper Or toast tortillas with a jeweler’s torch? torch An electric charcoal starter wand makes the most beautiful grill or panini marks, baby. charcoalwand While I have never tried it I have heard one can cook a pork chop between two irons. Do you suppose the fat seeps into the steam jets? Press the collars of your dress whites and expect to be nuzzled!


One response to “Toast Poast XVIII

  1. I have on of these for sale 95.00 white in very good condition.

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