Taler Du Sandwich?

vikinghelmetMy sister went to Denmark and I didn’t even get a souvenir Viking helmet! Perhaps I need to ask her to knit me one for Christmas. She did however, eat some sandwiches and bring me a vicarious lunch.

duusA few weeks ago in Aalborg, northern Denmark, my old friend Jesper and I met up with his daughter Zola at the centuries-old wine cellar Duus.
mettevonsOne beer later we headed down the street for lunch at Mette Vons’ sandwich shop, located in yet another ancient house.
zola-at-sandwich-shop-in-aalborg As it turned out, this was our lucky day: Mette Vons was running a two-for-one special.sandwiches-at-mette-vons-1I decided to take a break from my eat-your-weight-in-cheese travel diet and chose something with chicken, avocado and veggies. zola I don’t remember what Jesper ordered, but model-thin Zola managed to down two huge sandwiches and then a brownie. Actually Zola, who’s still in school, does occasionally work as a model, in a lingerie shop that was visible through the eatery’s upstairs windows.vikinghat



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