More Dash Than Cash?

Stayin’ in’s nice.

I get the impression that women used to wear foundation garments under their housecoats. This one sure does look swell, swelling in all the right places, in her I-Love-Lucy pink, quilted robe. Next thing ya know, that Bustlin’ Betsy‘s going to splash some icy milk into that swanky swig, saunter over to give that drawer at 3/4 mast a swing of the hip, sliding this pristine scene back into seamless order. I’d be happy to get sassy during the starlight hours too, were some dashing, square-jawed fellow to fix me a ham sandwich.
This cute cincher is knitted, no knidding. FYI girls, it’s DIY. Get those kneedles clicking while he snoozes.


2 responses to “More Dash Than Cash?

  1. Malcolm Riviera

    Being the typical male, I thought the guy was making the ham sandwich for himself, and SHE was pouring the glass of milk for HIM! Afterward, she would model her knitted cincher for him while he fell asleep watching The Late Show. I know — I fail.

  2. You win! I am a victim of unrealistic expectations – always bound to get you in trouble. She is going to fix herself a sandwich and then call a girlfriend on the phone for a nice long gab! She poured him a glass of milk to make sure he would sleep like a baby and not bother her. Hah!

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