Springing Forth

From the Sublime Miss M:
Symbolic Horseradish is One of Spring’s Early Risers

helpfromaboveAnd from below is good too. Warm, wet earth urging the plants to grow up and, in the case of horseradish and other vegetables without which we would suffer, down as well. On second thought, with horseradish, with which we suffer. Delicious agony. 

Passover and Easter fall serendipitously close this spring and for those of us who flourish on rituals, symbols, myths, mysteries and rites, the seasonal cooking and feasting over the next few days could almost be daunting. Almost.

I have what Demetri Martin calls a conditional identity, sometimes I am Jewish (at the table) and sometimes I am, um, the obverse, or an obverse, culinary counterpart. As in when Dov Block asked his mother, granted he was only about 6 at the time, “Mom, is she Jewish or is she Christmas?” This time of year, am I Jewish or am I Easter?? A little maror, both kinds, on egg salad sure is tasty. Specially if the eggs were dyed before peeling.


(He’s gonna get me.)

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