Courtesy of My Main Sandwich Man in NYC, JAF, who sez he is “glad to be of service.”

MSMINYC strikes again …

Building On Layers of Tradition

Bánh Mí is in. Check out Song Que in Falls Church, VA and Banh Mi in Annandale, VA. You can look at my Banh Mi post here.


I am partial to a banh mi place out Route 50 in Annandale, Virginia (see link above) where they serve, atypically I believe, a tofu banh mi. Tastier than one would expect. Way tastier.

“T.O.F.U. = Too Old For Use”
Jeff Cesario, Funny Guy, sat in sometimes with Regalia, right? or was it only with 4 Chairs No Waiting?


Cesario was a member (conguero) of Regalia, not 4 Chairs, and played with us at the Brathaus and Cardinal.

(Us is Regalia).

Brat With, Ordering!

Those were the days. Some days. Spudnuts in the morning, Cardinal Bar at night. I ate my weight in onion rings every week.

Did a little joyful time traveling with Frank Zappa’s Peaches and Regalia on a dreary wet April morning. This morning. Cruel. Cruel. Cruel. April will make your heart ache from the vibrancy of wet tulips.


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  1. that is a pile of goodness decoded!

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