Be Kind to Your Mother

She is the source of (nearly) all nourishment.

(My all-time favorite word? Iloveyoumom. Spoken at lightspeed.)

Okay, light. That you gotta get from King Sun. It takes two. Yes it dwo.

Today, tiny hail BBs dropping and ferocious skies overhead, were our little patch of earth to be any greener, it would vibrate. 

Gentlemen, start your global positioning systems! Big Momma Earth makes one mother of a sandwich. 



Ze is a perfomer, satirist, essayist, composer, dancer and wonderfully weird guy who challenged his audience last month to create the world’s first “Earth sandwich.”

To make an Earth sandwich you must:

1. Put a piece of bread on the ground.
2. Have someone else put a piece of bread on the ground directly on the other side of the Earth from you.
3. Do this at the same exact time, so the Earth at that moment is “sandwiched” between two pieces of bread.

To inspire his audience, Ze composed a ballad, “If the Earth were a sandwich…”
It’s hummable. Beautiful even.

Robert Krulwich on Science

(What sort of a wich is a Krulwich? One too – one two – coldly beautiful to eat?)




5 responses to “Be Kind to Your Mother

  1. Where is the spot directly on the other side of the earth from DC? Perhaps after contacting the other side of the earth, I’ll put a piece of kidney under the bread, to simultaneously celebrate Earth Day and Kidneyversary. 🙂

  2. midnight snack

    Where on earth on your going to get a piece of kidney???

  3. I have the biggest Krulwich crush ever. In 1999 he did an ABC Science special series and I have looked everywhere for it. It was brilliant.

  4. That is so cool!

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