Shameless Self Promotion Take 41

All photos by Renee Comet with styling by Moi!

Those Australian beef and lamb folks are exacting, fun-loving, generous and – do they know how to raise tasty animals! Sun-soaked, grass-fed and robust, one can vividly imagine the feel of their warm coats under the palm of a hand on a hot day.

After five days of hard work, they sent me home with a cache of deliciously fatty ribeyes, which made their way to West Virginia for a snowy weekend. From the grill to the breakfast table to the supper sandwich, the ribeye is my all-time, all-around, preferred beef steak – thin, thick, bone in or out, hot or not, salt, pepper, thereyougo.


3 responses to “Shameless Self Promotion Take 41

  1. What lovely styling and memories from yummy meals on New Year’s in WV! Screw grilling brats, let’s grill more steak.

  2. Strong words there, Ellen. I’ll be running right out for those steaks!

  3. that looks delicious!! I’m already drooling….

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