Home On the Range



Life’s a BITCH

No, it’s not

It’s a bit CH

A BIT of a sandwi CH

–If e.e. can do it so can I

Rye bread

Mustard spread

Salami pickle brie

Rye bread

Wry bred

Must turn instead

So lamely pick on me

Wry bred

–If I can do it so can e.e.


Jonathan Perkes, May 2009



When Cummings was a boy, his father bought a farm in the Sandwich Range of the White Mountains from a farmer named Ephraim Joy. Cummings was indebted to his boyhood summers at Joy Farm for his Wordsworthian love of nature.

In his adult life, after the death of his father, Cummings continued to live at Joy Farm from May to October every year. He took up bird watching and thumbed through Peterson’s guidebooks. He painted Mount Chocura as often as Cezanne did Mont Saint-Victorie.

Watching the sun set behind the mountain became an evening ritual that he required everyone in the house to join in.

His many poems that celebrate the natural world and the denizens of the forest were inspired by his New Hampshire summers.



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