You Hooze, You Lose – Hoooooosierrrrrrrrzzzzzzz



Indi-man-apolis. Man-sized-sandapolis. Sand-wich-man-apolis.


Nickelplate menu

We did not snooze, and we did not lose. Mercy, those hoosiers. Mercy me.

Nickel Plate Bar and Grill

8654 E 116th Street

Fishers, IN 46038



At the railroad Xing.


Heidi I-love-the-obscure Leech has a smile as wide as an Indianapolis waitress’. Sure as shinola.(As wide as her smile, not as wide as the waitress, dummy.)


This is the land of Otis Gibbs and one can expect authenticity.


The Nickel Plate was the 2005 Indy Men’s Magazine pick for best pork tenderloin sandwich.


Pork tenderloin. So they say. It hadda be the loin, ladies, that crispy fellow was sliver/slice/slab/slob. It was a slab, man. A crispy, make-me-moan slab of sammy.


The burger wazzz, ummmm, none too shabby. On that buttery toasted bread. Never seen that before. Still finding crumbs behind my ears.


Just outside the outer belt on the northeast side. Excellent stop as you cross the country on Route 70. We only went so far as Champaign/Urbana, just far enough to wonder about the Urbana thing. Champaign/Urbana is not the only /Urbana metropolis. What does it mean? Where did it come from? Perhaps, had we driven on further, to the other coast, the mystery would have come clear. But we did a loop de loop, Illinois and back, the rental car turning its nose automatically at the Mississippi. Outta bounds beyond.


3 responses to “You Hooze, You Lose – Hoooooosierrrrrrrrzzzzzzz

  1. I DO love the obscure. Thankyouverymuch!

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