And What Position Does Hamas Take on Hummus?









The last few weeks I have been way too busy to sit for lunch. Have barely set foot in the Lunch Encounter, let alone put bum to swiveling counter stool and relaxed with a BLT.

Sent a request to my assistant for some, well, assistance.


If you could help me out, I will try to keep my head from exploding:)


Ya, that would be messy.


 My all time fave Enquirer headline:



Cheating Wife’s Head Explodes
She Burst in Her Lover’s Arms

 Now, that writer should have received a Pulitzer.


I wonder if she had the Chicken Caesar before she blew.

 A few years ago the Enquirer’s headline was:


Sadam Hates Hummus

I burst out laughing at the checkout.


All I really need to know I learned in the checkout line.

Hummus sandwich at the Which Wich.
File under “This is Why You Need a Stylist”. Not to be snarky. Forgive me.


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