Ready, Set, Roast!

What’s that in my monkey dish?! PO-TA-TO salad. I want some stuff on the side, stuff on the side, man alive, I want some stuff on the side. Chips are nice and all, a potato in any form is king of the side, but this time of year you gotta go with the salad and, if you are lucky, it will be midwestern style, with thinly sliced ruby radishes and hard boiled eggs. Nice sticky potato cubes with ever so slightly softened corners. Ever so slightly. And ever so slightly salty to the core.

My mother knows how to do it right. Yes, I know you knew I was going to say that. When she learned it, around the middle of the last century, men wore hats like this jaunty, faceless everypotato, and woman wore hair do’s that did not move. You wore them, they did not wear you. And you did not get out a battery of products and power tools each morning. You went to the salon, they fixed your hair, you wore it. End of story.

I am on a one woman crusade to bring back helmet hair. Give me a rock hard, once-a-week-under-the-dryer do. Gonna put in my time at the parlor and then ride off into the sunset with Mr. Rouges Biologique. Come breeze or gale or squall or gust, the pair of us will remain unmussed.


2 responses to “Ready, Set, Roast!

  1. I’m with you on having your hair done. On these frizzzzzz inducing thunderstormy, humid days I would like nothing better than to just be able to wake up and walk out the door with my ‘do’ done!

    As far as the potato salad goes, any mustard or mayonnaise to dress the spuds?

  2. Yes mayo. You know I would say that. And ground mustard seeds. Mustard power!

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