Who’s Counting?

≈The owner offered up his 18-month-old boinging, fur-spewing, joy-lathering collie mix. Tempted, tantalized, tickled, I asked, “What’s his name?”
CIMG5402Feeling all happy – bright morning, 11 extra minutes of pure freedom before work, handsome dog making his paws, head, chest comfortable on my lap – I took a hard look down the narrow alley. 
CIMG5403Light at the end of that tunnel. A tiny sliver of freedom. I’m turning the corner gently into a sunny street and hope I live long enough to wallow.
Maybe we’ll get a dog in the fall. I’ve got Thomas’ number in my mobile.

The Bean Counter is in upper Georgetown. On sunny mornings you can simulate an exuberance pill by sitting at “just the one” table out front and waving to passing truckers chugging their way downhill.




“The sandwich was as good as ever — the best sandwich in Georgetown,” reports longtime customer Peter Smathers Carter, 24. “Their Cuban is the best authentic Cuban sandwich I have ever had.”

The sandwich ($7-8) was the standout on the menu, with the sweetness of the ham and house-roasted pork mixing harmoniously with gooey, buttery Swiss cheese and the tartness of pickles and mustard. The bread adds to the texture and flavor, its thin and greaseless grilled crust veiling the tenderness inside. Washingtonpost.com


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