Minding Time

Why is it, when you can’t sleep, or you are waiting for lunch, time passes as slowly as a slug in lead boots, and when you sleep, or you eat, time speeds past like a millipede on skates? Most agonizing of all, time moves in warp speed as a person gets, ahem, older. Sleep, creep, leap. I’m in the leap part for all intents and purposes. What gives with that?!?!?

While my brain is all tied up being time-boggled, another wordpair that causes cerebral stretch is this one: Time being. What in the name of Father Time does it mean? Does it mean NOW? Being what? I think of time, therefore it is. Now, that is. The time is now.

Exhausted now. Only antidote I can imagine for the time being, time being short, is a sandwich! Sust-sandwich-enance.

Thank you for the excellent clipping service, Mike of ComicsDC.


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