Is Resmash in the Scrabble Dictionary?

And would it be a 50 pointer? Hmmm. That would be 8 letters if you played it on the board. Well, dang, guess you’d have to play it first, across the star, use every letter in your crib, and come out of the gate charging. It does have appetizing visual appeal. Resmash. It weren’t smashed enough primarily. Must. Smash. Again.

CIMG5847 Trust her on this. When it is time to eat, she knows her way around. Clockwise and counter.
frontofcolumbine Look for Barbara behind the counter of her super sandwich shop, Columbine, in Tribeca.
Egg (smash)
photo1Add bacon.
photo2Fold bread.
photo4Resmash with bread.
photo5Serve with a few Rt. 11 Dill Pickle Chips and a chilled Gus Dry Meyer Lemon. I can vouch first, second and third hand for both Route 11 and for Gus’ Grown Up Sodas.

When Route 11 Chips were first introduced by the Tabard Inn in the 80’s, I was there, working the line, and sitting on a milk crate on the slow evenings of August, shooting the breeze and sweating royally. The chips arrived with no fanfare, test batches in tall, red metal canisters, the perfect height for a perch. Ate my weight in chips that first week, whether I had to shimmy off the canister for each grab or not. Nice slick of oil ringing the bottom of the bucket.

Grown Up Sodas bubble beautifully in a grown up beverage…say, the Cola in a Cuba Libre. Collins glass, crackling ice, lavish lime squirt, gurgling shot of white rum, a splash-just-a-splash of cola. Sip sub-ice through a straw.

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