Rock Jaw/Lock Jaw

boneandbartlebyWe live by Bone around here.

Uncrinkle the package – brown bag, white bag, plastic bag – and shuffle past the first heel, like flicking LPs in a bin. Onward to the meat of the matter. Get to the other end and the first heel starts to look mighty tasty, particularly if it is the only bread in the house, bar putting on shoes and making a foray. Nahhh.

Lying awake thinking about the bread coming to an end before I have eaten my fill, heels and all.

Had a stern talk with myself tonight, or this morning – 3 am – depends how you squint at it (go to sleep already).

Lay down your arms (outside of the bedclothes, it’s warm in here)
And love me peacefully (choose a side and resolve yourself)
Lay down your arms (if it feels wrong, don’t do it)
And love me tenderly (to thine own self be true)

Use your arms to hold me tight (but not too tight)
Baby, I don’t want to fight no more (and it feels so good to sleep)

Such a battle with one’s brain sometimes. A chokehold on your consciousness. Unclench your jaw and sleep. Sleep. Sleep ALREADY!


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