We are all worms. But I do believe that I am a glow-worm. 
Winston Churchill

Cloud Sandvich by Gülkan Böke

Up at 5 AM and off I went. Ran like that legendary South American tribe. Aware of tense muscles, especially the toes, and of trying to flow with the land. A controlled fall, at ease, with total awareness of the surface under my feet. Red cardinals busy with their early morning courtship, little rabbits happily munching on morning dewed grass. Getting back was even more joyful. Surrounded by a flock of sparrows, some did fly right before me for a moment with my chest almost touching their tail feathers. For that brief period I was happy to be free of the past.

The following day, I got freakin’ sick. The most pathetic perversities in harmony with extreme pomposity of bohemian bs, faded in to one gigantic headache of why? Squinting through my burning eyesockets to my doodling of the cloud sandwich. Sour aroma surrounded me while rushing towards marshmallow whiteness. I always thought I would bounce but ended up falling through into the abyss of darkness…

What a pile of horse s..t! 😉

And the clouds, Mr. Böke? What about the clouds?
Picture 1

Not an Onion headline :
Iowa Woman Discovers New Cloud Type

Assess overhead. Note clouds. Consult your beloved Cloudspotter’s Guide by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of The Cloud Appreciation Society . Lick your finger, point it up, and note the cooling airflow. Is it daft to follow the draft? Once you get your head in the up-ness of the clouds, there in the center of the fog, each drop of vapor is crystal clear. Of course, you can’t see out…

Mr. Pretor-Pinney appears to possess no shortage of exuberance, gayly hanging himself out there as a cloud enthusiast. You go, Mr. Pretor-Pinney! And take me with you.

The exuberant personality generates envy, resentment, irritation, admiration, and sometimes your basic tiger-by-the-tail exhaustion. That’s the view from here anyway. From now on you can refer to me as the weather girl, a meteorologist of the human personality. DUCK! Here comes a meteor nowwwww!!!!!

In his review of Exuberance by Kay Redfield Jamison, Colin McGinn writes,
She argues that exuberance is crucial to creativity and achievement, as well as being a nice thing in itself  but, In the end, the thesis of the book reduces to the unhelpful formula: Exuberance is a really good thing, except when it’s not.

Mr. McGinn, an admittedly reticent person, reticence being a trait not typically associated with exuberance, further presses his point, Ms. Jamison also treats exuberance as if it were a broad trait with no subspecies, a kind of free-floating up-ness. But surely exuberance is selective: You can be exuberant about one thing and not another. I would say that discriminating exuberance, not the all-over-the-place kind, is most conducive to creativity and success, for it enables the mind to focus on a specific subject or task.

What can I say, you got to get outta the way of these reckless exuberant types. Not sure I agree 100%, but the discriminating side of me can see Mr. McGinn’s point. Please put me in a new sub-classification, not a free-floating up-ness. More horizontal layering with a uniform base, than noticeable vertical with clearly defined edges. More flat and featureless than puffy and cottonlike. More stratus than cumulus, thanksverymuch. Hmm, on further thought, make me a good, old-fashioned raging mass of cumulonimbus storm clouds and toss in a tornado warning while yer at it.


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