Think Small

sardinWhat is this?
This, my dear, is a rich sardine.





Myself, I love a sardine sandwich. Little lettuce, s+p, the p just ground with big hot pieces, sticky smoothch of sandwich glue – gooey homemade mayonnaise, firm bread thinly sliced, hair thin onion circles. Just like a Canned Sannedwich, sardines are right there in your pantry, keeping you safe and fed, come hell or highwater.cannedsannedwich

NPR Weekend Edition talks green eating with Mark Shelley of the Sardinistas. 
Mercurio says once people try sardines, they’re hooked. And right now is one of the few times you can get fresh sardines. The sardine season started at the beginning of July.

Myself, I would not be caught dead in an orange hunting cap. No sartorial infractions necessary for sardine season.


4 responses to “Think Small

  1. I heard this on the radio too and it makes me want to eat more sardines. I always knew that they are environmentally and nutritionally good for me but I’ve never known how to cook them. Any recommendations? Or better yet, want to have us over for a sardine-centric meal? 😉

  2. And the answer is….

    From my Turkish-American friend Gulkan, whose permission to post this I did not receive (or request. shame on me.):

    That sardine sandwich sounds really good. One period of my life, age between 5-8, we did live on Dardanelles straits, right on the water and we would have fried sardines every week, huge heap of a lettuce and scallion salad on the side with an olive oil and lot’s of lemon to go around after that… a tahina and grape molasses mix as a dessert. Man! I sure miss fresh sardines.

    Ellen, Let’s have that! I’ll take care of the sardines, letttuce, scallions, olive oil, lemon, even the dessert…you take care of the straits!

  3. OK, I will bring the dessert then… Two types of tahini based dessert and some fresh bread. You got to have some good fresh bread.

    Good for the calorie-conscious???

    Well, I hope Elle is good at handling the “straits” 😉

  4. Just got back from the cherry capital of Michigan, Traverse City. Not sure I can move mountains or water/straits, but I’ll do my best. Let me know when you want to feast on sardines and I’ll be there!

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