1 Create Opportunity, Please


1 Create Sandwich.

Hmm. That makes me think. Just the one? 1 Create (bacon) Sandwich.

Well if I only get the one, then I better make it count.

By way of a casual, how-to-be-an-adult conversation with the boys, Barbara and I did some interrogation and some indoctrination. What do you need to know to live on your own, for example. How to do laundry (“The woman will do it, Mom”. I have failed.), earn money, be a good citizen, raise children. We reminded them, old crones that we are, that raising children is fantastically rewarding and fascinating, but you gotta give up stuff. Stuff like playing in a band, stuff like stopping for happy hour, stuff like eating what you want when you want.  “That’s what you call opportunity cost, Mom,” he said matter-of-factly, snapping up the last double chocolate doughnut. 

Opportunity costs. Must have that tattooed on my palm.
A noun – the cost of opportunity – and a command – it does, it costs, opportunity is valuable.

You gotta make a choice. Menus, all of ’em, lunch, life, love….you got to make a choice or you will starve. Okay, not starve, but you will deprive yourself.
Opportunity COSTS. And you know full well, I know I know…. you get what you pay for. Occasionally you get lucky, I admit it, I am one to ooze over a little unexpected good fortune, undeserved is especially luscious, but ultimately I would prefer to pay. And I want to get what I paid for. An opportunity. You know what they say – least my mother says this and she most definitely qualifies as “they” – luck is the intersection of opportunity and preparedness. Get ready! Opportunity is sneaking up on you…about to pounce. Keep your eyes peeled!


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