Oscar V – He Ain’t Straddlin’ the Fence

bacon fence
Up in Philly this week, working at Hone Studio and enjoying the heck out of it. Traveling to and fro on the rails, four nights at the Penn’s View Hotel, cabbing it back and forth to the studio, dinners out…feelin’ la-la-lucky and a bit spoiled. Thank you, Debbie Wahl, from the bottom of my worn-to-a-nub-sometimes heart, for the fab hook up. Pecked to death by ducks, I am NOT, for a whole four days. Having quite the fancy time, truth be told.

Bacon-centric chat with one of the assistants this aft:

Him:   So I was dating this girl and she was a vegetarian. That’s okay. I don’t mind a vegetarian.
Me:      Uh huh.
Him:   And we had brunch one Sunday. I had bacon with, you know, my eggs. Side of bacon.
Me:    Mm hmm.
Him:   Then we spent all day together. Really nice day. Later, back at my place, we started making out.
Me:    Uh huh.
Him:  And she goes, “Did you brush your teeth cause you taste like, uh, you taste like bacon.” I said, “I have to ask you to leave.”

For the love of bacon, what a guy.


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