Richmond Rocks a ‘Wich

From Sorry-Birds Ellen:

Oh so sorry birds. Yeah, no kidding. Did not know that cell phone towers were bad, like really bad, for birds until I was enlightened by Ellen. She held out a long time, and I spose there are more birds in flight as a result, but she finally hadda cave. Can’t blame her a bit. I’ve been a guilty party for years, ignorantly guilt-free.

Ellen’s cell phone makes bird calls and it is quite the head-scratching sight to see her “calling all chickadees” with an iPhone. Chickadee dee dee.calling all chickadees

Hey there,
We were in Richmond last weekend and went to
Coppola’s Deli in the Carytown neighborhood.
Coppolas DeliThey had some mighty fine sandwiches and I took these pictures with you in mind (the olives were an extra addition by Chris). richmond 008
We also had breakfast at Millie’s but I don’t have any photos to prove it 😉
I will be sure to get myself to Coppola’s next time I drive south – further south than IKEA.


2 responses to “Richmond Rocks a ‘Wich

  1. Does this count against my 15 minutes of fame? Thanks for posting, you must have tweeked those pictures because they look much better on your blog!

  2. This does not count and I did not tweek!

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