If Life is a Chair of Bowlies…

Then why shouldn’t you simply enjoy it?

I have figured out, once and for all, the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to enjoy it. My deductive process included time spent with someone who appeared not to be able to truly enjoy anything. Huh? All I could think was, point missed. Therefore, an ample and paramount point to living must be…pure, glorious enjoyment.

Same relative, an, ahem, influential person in my life, once told me, perjoratively, that I “have a maddening way of seeming to always enjoy myself.” Taking that, more and more in fact, as a complimentary apex.

End of repetitive rant. Won’t mention it again. Just gonna live it.CIMG6198So, we went to Wisconsin and Along-for-the-Ride Heidi came along for the ride. Whoa, what a ride it was, from picking, to seed spitting, to pitting with the old-fashioned gadget, not this one – the Cherry Chompercherry chomper(although we sure were tempted by it in the cherry paraphenalia shop), to plain old eating, and culminating with a grilled cheese and tart cherry sandwich.CIMG6239Well, dang-a-lang-clang, he picked out the cherries. Why oh why is children’s medicine cherry flavored? Couldn’t they make it licorice, or lettuce, or some other rarely eaten (by small boys) item? Did they have to put him off cherries???


2 responses to “If Life is a Chair of Bowlies…

  1. Let Teddy pick out the cherries, doesn’t that make more for you to eat?! Love his smile sitting in that tree, it really looks like fun.

  2. This was a bumper crop year for cherries. Holy Cow, Mom!! was what he said. It was very, very fun.

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