Relishing Red Hots

Alacritous Chicago correspondent Bottle Rocket(s) fan Linda turned The Lunch Encounter onto this dognificent relic:
A steamed red hot is often known as a Chicago-style hot dog adorned with some unique ingredients such as the bright green relish sometimes known as “nuclear relish“. The cart was often found on busy street corners, with a large umbrella mounted above (note the mounting pole on the top). The cart used steam and boiled water, with the heat source compartment on the bottom right. The top section is pulled down to reveal the slots where the trays would rest. We were told that this cart was used during the early 1930’s at the Maxwell Street market and was discovered in the basement of a building in the Pilsen area. Urban Remains

Whaddya say we open the Hot Dog Hall of Fame with this cart as our centerpiece?? Relish the dream.


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