Complexly Amish/Amish Mash

IMG_1204_2As Seen in Champaign, Illinois


(Is there any other kind? Ahem, Department of Redundancy Department.)

Further commentary from the peanut gallery. END ONE WAY? Yes, what a lovely idea. BEGIN ALL WAYS.

From Alacritous Chicago Correspondent Bottle Rocket(s) fan Linda:

april 3
hey lisa,

no, not monster mash.

i’ve got some starter for amish friendship bread in my frig. thing is, it’s been in there for, oh, maybe TWO YEARS (!!!). i haven’t made the bread in all that time, and am wondering … is it okay to use it now?

are you familiar with this sorta cornfangled amish technology? it’s the sort of recipe where you are supposed to mash the starter each day for 6 days and then use it on the 7th day.

i am ready to make this recipe but don’t want to waste my efforts, or poison anyone in the process!

the amish starter is in a sealed ziploc baggie, and seems kinda runny. it isn’t separated, seems consistent.

is it usable? or dicey?
what say you?
little tiny pinhole bubbles!

is that good?

does frankenstein live?

anyone else WOULD have tossed the starter long ago. then there’s me.

i put a teaspoon of it into a shallow dish and sprinkled in some sugar, then stirred. lo, there was wee movement. dare i bake the bread?


april 14
the bubbles are sparse. are they s’posed to keep happnin?

if i stir it it revives a bit, but if left alone, the movement stops.


may 31
will send update on my amish experiment when i can….

back to the laboratory,


june 3
the amish friendship bread turned out great!  one of life’s mysteries i suppose.  it was very moist but i think turned out as expected. i will be baking the next batch this week, as it is a perpetual kinda thing with the starter, every 10 days.  mark loved the bread, especially the loaf i put raisins into.
sending photos along of the batch that shouldn’t have turned out.
(2 year old starter, kept in the frig….REALLY???!?)
mark and i ate it and lived to tell. going in for more!

this new batch is very bubbly and gaseous. the bags keep falling off the counter due to the gas movement. L

Gaseous, bubbly, bags falling off counters. Friendship is so complex. And dangerous.


2 responses to “Complexly Amish/Amish Mash

  1. Noooooooooo! Not the Amish friendship bread. It’s worse than zucchini in its power to destroy perfectly good friendships: “Oh, *more* zucchini/Amish friendship bread from your garden/kitchen? Gosh, I still have some from the last time you surreptitiously left it on my doorstep in the dark of night…really, I don’t need any more. Stop now. Please.”

  2. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I’m Out! 🙂

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