I made you a sandwich and I gave it away.*

old rehoboth
CIMG5955Spent several days at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, with nary a sandwich encounter. Came close, but met with nothing remarkable. Rehoboth does bring to mind the one nagging flaw in Mad Men. The parents of Trudy Campbell, Pete Campbell’s wife, have a weekend place in Rehoboth.rehoboth boardwalk Do New Yorkers have weekend places in Rehoboth? Did they used to? Trudy claims it is only a 2 hour drive, or maybe she says an hour and a half. Could that be? Nah. It’s three hours from DC. Dang, people, Mad Men is the picture of perfection, down to the last neutron of minutia.Wah. Spell temporarily dispelled.

Squint hard and dispell the word “wrap”. Wraps cannot leave our planet soon enough for my taste. Soggy tortillas. Blech. Take me back to bread please, with a sealing patina of butter. Even bologna is good with butter.
CIMG5952Rehoboth can still take you back in time,CIMG5963 if you squint hard enough, or smoke enough weed.CIMG5989One can picture the Drapers at breakfast at the Robin Hood. Think link. Link snausages. The morning we were there the special was watermelon. Watermelon.robinhood


Don, call home oldphone and let Betty know what time you’ll be there. draperkitchenShe’ll have the sandwiches baloneysandwich all packed and ready for the drive.
rehoboth postcard
* Last season on Mad Men Peggy had, in a manner of speaking, a belly filler. And then she didn’t. Just finishing season 2 of Mad Men. Peggy’s line to Pete, “I had your baby and I gave it away”, still rings with devastation. Stab. Stab. Stab.


2 responses to “I made you a sandwich and I gave it away.*

  1. anytime anybody from NYC says their getaway is “about 2 hours away” it means at least 3 hours and 15 minutes. Also, if you are upstate and somebody says something is “ten minutes” up the road that means 30 minutes.

    I’m glad Mad Men is back. It is about an hour long.

  2. The most delicious of hours. I can’t get enough.

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