Picture this.

Just back from vacation, I-Do-My-Best-To-Suit-Myself Cynthia sent an epostcard. She does do her best and I’ll be clammed if she don’t do clam well. Been trying to take a whole chapter from her book, but here I sit in the clam-free zone of NoVa, while she vacations AGAIN. If I gaze deep into my naval, I have to admit that there is no winning for Cynthia. Were she to go and not take pictures for me, I would be mad. And if she goes and does take pictures for me? Madder still. Mad as a hat-free clammer. I wanna go to the Clam Box. I do.

Lean back, close your eyes, imagine the smell of hot fat wafting out the top of the ductwork. Hot fat with clam juice bubbles bursting all over the surface. Snap, snap, snap.That scent being sucked into the hood and up, up, up, to the rooftop. Spreading, drifting, tenting and floating down into your hair, nose, mouth. Long as you are not the one to ever clean the greasetrap, it is a good smell, densely delicious. Almost tactile. Summer in an oily mist.

If you have to have relations, make sure they live near the Clam Box. That is so mean. What I mean is…we should all be so lucky to have relations who live near the Clam Box. That’s better.

Ahh, our favorite sandwich joint in Ipswich, the clam box.

OK, truth be told, they serve a delicious rolled-up lobster (Freya’s term for a lobster roll) but that’s not what keeps you coming back.

It’s the delicious fried Ipswich clams. We aren’t talkin no Howard Johnsons. They MELT in your mouth and taste deliciously clammy. I have never had fried clams that even come close. Heaven!

You can get them on a sandwich but, um, why would you? They are already breaded to perfection.

The clam chowder is fabulous too. Oh, nobody does clams like Ipswich. I can practically taste them now. Briny yet sweet and as fresh as a morning ocean breeze…..Mmmmmm.  Ever notice how clam is an anagram for calm? I think there’s something to that.

So, this place gets my vote as a great place to have a lobster roll (and it really is a VERY good lobster roll) with a nice side of clams. And that’s just what I had.

Here’s my other favorite thing about this restaurant: You have to love a place where you order at a window and take your meal to the picnic tables. But, at the Clam Box, you’re using those picnic tables at your own risk. If they suddenly flip, you can’t say they didn’t warn you (people must really eat a LOT of fried clams here). Thank goodness we enjoyed our picnic meal without incident or injury.


100_0329_2Waiting patiently at the window.IMG_8201Be CAREFUL!!! (Editor’s note: Is that an image of a picnic table flipping?? If so, effective, let me tell you!)100_0337_2Bo with the lobster roll.100_0338_2Lobster rolls and delicious fried clams (at a seemingly stable picnic table).100_0340_2Julie had the haddock sandwich which she said was very good.100_0342_2Chowder! (Editor’s note: Does Jon know this photo is posted? If so, he is one helluva guy with his ego in check.)100_0347Pick a flower and put it in your hair before you go.


2 responses to “Picture this.

  1. Mmmm, another mouth watering post. I think Jon needs to get some pointers from Freya on how to pose for a photo.

    • The photographer might need to try getting the best out of her subject. It is a very expressive post, I must say. Kinda like it. On second thought, she did get the best out of her subject, perhaps.

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