Sandwich in Monitor May Be Closer Than It Appears

tinysandwicheraserServing suggestion.tinysandwicheraserActual size.tinysandwicheraserNot actual size.
She-Does-Her-Best-to-Suit-Herself Cynthia brought me a soooouuvenir from Masserchewsetttts. The package copy, she said, was in Chinese, so to the best of her knowledge, this is an eraser. I have not tasted it because, only to the best of my knowledge, this is a sandwich. The best of my knowledge is about 73% and the remainder is uncertain. Perhaps I will just give it a sniff and a small lick to determine animal, vegetable or mineral.


5 responses to “Sandwich in Monitor May Be Closer Than It Appears

  1. Pays to read labels when it comes to serving sizes. 🙂

  2. Yup. I especially love it when a package contains 2.38 servings…

  3. These are actually Japanese erasers. Big craze in my crazy world of gift selling. The stores I sell to claim they’re the rage amongst the pre-teen set which explains why Cindy bought one!?!

  4. Yes, we are all pre-teens at heart.

  5. It is oddly – disturbingly – appetizing…

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