Open Face/Open Mind


Pittsburgh welcomes world leaders with open-faced sandwiches

A tidbit to wet your whistle:
I’d steer visitors first to Primanti Brothers for the city’s best-known sandwiches. It’s in an old warehouse district, known as the Strip, by the Allegheny River. Here’s the formula: a slice — nay, a slab — of Italian bread, your choice of a couple of dozen meats (pastrami, Italian sausage, etc.), topped with sweet and sour coleslaw, sliced tomato and, wait for it, chunky French fries, before the top slab of bread. Legend has it that Primanti’s (founded in 1933) started making sandwiches this way so workers could operate machinery with one hand and eat with the other. It’s open 24 hours in the unlikely event that, say, the Saudi and South Korean delegations go on a rager and need some good grease to sop it up.

These sandwiches’ influence is such that “Pittsburgh style” is the local vernacular for fries in unexpected places.

Read all here.

Thank you, Mara!


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