Currying Favor in the Wurst Way

Ta daaaaah! The Currywurst Museum has opened!

currywurst museumpng

Deutsches Currywurst Museum
Schützenstraße 70
10117 Berlin

A Museum Devoted to a National Snack Obsession
BERLIN | There’s no doubt that Germans love their currywurst, a national fast food favorite that consists of fried pork sausage served with a sauce typically made from ketchup and curry powder. And there’s no other German city more obsessed with currywurst than Berlin. It is it often said that the dish was invented in the city by a woman named Herta Heuwer in 1949 (though Hamburg also claims to be the its birthplace). Soon the city will be celebrating the opening of a museum dedicated entirely to the humble snack.

Read on here.
currywurstandbreadWhat’s not to like, I ask you?


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