Boys Will Eat Bacon

And boys will be boys. Boy, will they. Until they are men, and then men will be boys. Not to put too fine a point on it. An hour meeting with the school counselor will certainly put a fine point on my parenting weak spots. The cracks, crevasses, Achilles’ heels, fears and intense love that all guide and misguide my motherself. Time to come down hard on that boy. I was told, and I will follow.

Mothers will be mothers. Don’t push me, cause I’m telling you, I can be a mother of a mother.

Positive reinforcement is a sanctified technique. He will do anything for bacon. The question is: Will he NOT do anything for bacon? You know, there is “start behavior” and “stop behavior”. If I put a little bacon under the pillow, would he make his bed with gladness in his heart? If I were to withhold bacon, would he talk to me with a tone of gladness in his heart?

Is that child reaching for romaine? A fake out, no doubt. Some sort of ploy to finagle one more ounce of flesh from his mother’s heart.
LindaDanielBLTjpg LindaTeddy


baconheartWho you callin’ a baconheart? Me? You callin’ me a baconheart? Yes, I do have a righteous soft spot for a boy who will not behave.

On a separate, but closely related, topic, the title of my next book will be “Women Who Love Men Who Love Guitars”. Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be geetarplayers. Bacon Achin, Guitar Lovin’ Guitar Players in particular.


One response to “Boys Will Eat Bacon

  1. Lisa,
    I just found your blog, and I think I will become a regualr! I love a good sandwich as much as any other food stuff. And don’t even get me started on bacon.
    Also, don’t take everything a teacher says as gospel. They have one way of doing things and don’t like when kids do not follow thier way.
    Take care

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