Shameless Self Promotion Take .00071

Photo by Stacy Zarin, Foodstyling by Lisa Cherkasky, for Baltimore Magazine, with art direction from lovely Amanda White who knows enough to love Texas, the Texas that is Marfa. (Unrelatedly related….Oh bleh. There is a restaurant in NYC called Marfa. I shoulda known. Oh bleh. And the menu, to my quick-to-disdain taste, reads really dumb and broad. Is all of Texas bbq, fish tacos, biscuits and beer? No, no, no. Texas is as big as the moon, baby, and sweeps in a fistful of cultures.)

I know this tall stack ain’t no sandwich. However, Miss Shirley’s does serve a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sandwich, and yes, I know that is a stupidcalifragilisticexpialidocious word. Nevertheless, my pride puffed a bit upon spelling it correctly on my first dashed off attempt. Whether you admit it or not, the word is fun to say, say you are of a certain perfect vintage, as am I. I admit it, shamelessly.


One response to “Shameless Self Promotion Take .00071

  1. Wow, they look good enough to eat.

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