Early autumn is a marvel

Just in from Lunch Encounter penpal David Kmetz:

I took advantage of an early departure from the outer end of Long Island yesterday to stop at a local farm stand I pass every time I visit and they had some monster heirloom tomatoes for sale. I believe these are “Marble Striped”, based on a good match to the photo in “The Heirloom Tomato – From Garden to Table” by Amy Goldman.

Addendum: It is “Marvel Striped”, not Marble Stripe. Still…. one great tom.

Here is my modest photo attempt at capturing the bounty – I picked up some great grape varieties too, as well as radishes. The farm stand is “Latham’s” at the end of the causeway heading towards Orient Point, NY. The yellow one at the bottom weighs in a 1 lb. 4 oz…

Attempting to capture bounty is futile, one would think. That’s just it about bounty, it cannot be corralled. Amplitude is its name, overflowing is its game. Gather ye tomatoes while ye may, and if it be near to a hard frost, take in the green ones. Down the basement, cover them with newspapers. And then comes winter.


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