Shameless Self Promotion Take 1037

How do I put it? Ummmm, gotten any awards lately?

Just happened to be standing in earshot recently and, whaddya know, I got an award. Well, it didn’t play out exactly like that, but within spitting distance. Somebody got an award, somebody went to a party. Not me though, nosirree bob.

Not that I’m complaining. Happy to be home in the evening, although I wouldn’t mind knowing when I had a hand in something that got notice. A person’s gotta wonder, after all these years – say, uh, 24, 25 – how many other awards got by her unmentioned. On the other hand, what was I gonna do with ’em preblog? To whom would I boast? And without the boast, does the award exist? If the statuette topples on a desktop after hours, does it make a sound?


One response to “Shameless Self Promotion Take 1037

  1. Is the first image like a baseball trading card? Is there a Lisa Cherkasky trading card that could come in a package of bubble gum? Now that would make my day!

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