Loaded for a Bear

Man Says Bear Mugged Him for His Italian Sandwich

Woman Says Seagull Committed Assault and Battery on Her Humphreys Beach Picnic Sandwich

That would be me. Us rather. And our king’s ransom worth of holy-moly-that-took-a-bite-out-of-my-wallet beach resort sandwiches. Turned away to bask in the beauty of my son at beach dusk, turned back to squawk squawk squawk at the birds going at it! Ripping, tearing, swiping, swooping. Gone daddy gone, the love is gone. Gone daddy gone, our dinner’s gone. The birds took it away! Damn expensive sandwiches too. Island prices. Nothing is ordinary there, even the seagulls are exceptionally cunning and gutsy.

Lately it feels like work, work, work and die around here. Focused on getting through it and not letting my son slip through the cracks while I’m at it. Got to make hay while the sun shines and, hey! he is my sunshine while I am making hay. Thankfully, as the sun is shining its favor on another hemisphere this time of year.

So, enough about that, let’s get back to the light of my life, my son. Ha! Speaking of bears, let me tell you yet another besotted mother story. Sitting at dinner. Teddy is about three. “Mom, how bout we get a baby brother around here! How bout a baby sister! How bout………………………………bears!?!” Bears? Now we’re talking.


One response to “Loaded for a Bear

  1. Snack, remind me to tell you about a funny It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode. The pecking bird reminded me of it. -AftR

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