That’s Why I Make the Big Bucks

Subzilla! A big sandwich garners a big price tag. Sticker shock! SUBZILLA!!!! I was shockingly sticky from the manhandling of this mammoth wich. SUBZILLAD!

Party hero. You can say that again. A three-footer.How can you tell a boy photographer from a girl photographer? From the size of their rig. Boys just love a rig, don’t they? Can’t say I mind. We put this braided baby on the slicing rig for maximum precision, and I went at it with the unmanliest of all tools, the electric knife. No guy would touch that silly thing for fear his Mancard would be revoked. Jeez, you’d think I could spring for a new apron or two, stead of this ratty thing. Easy does it. As my favorite dyslexic says, “Viola!” Ta dahhhh!
You need only look presentable from one angle, dear.
It looks like a person just slaps this together, but that’s not how it goes. Lots of looking, squinting, balancing. “Is it loopy enough on the right? Is it too dense on the left?”
All photos by Claudia Barac-Roth It turned out well. Not too painful a construction. Doesn’t hurt to have a client whose mantra is, “Perfect is the enemy of good.”We couldn’t bear to throw it out. For all I know, that bear of a wich is slowly decomposing in Baltimore.

Have heard it said that foodstyling is a bit like embalming a body. You only gotta see it from one side, and you gotta keep it looking alive. Moisture is key. “Shout all you want it doesn’t matter. Don’t you know that I am mostly water? Seventy percent, don’t worry about the rest.” Nope, not to worry.

Signing off now from Studio Goodenough.


3 responses to “That’s Why I Make the Big Bucks

  1. Both you and the sandwich look great! Too bad it couldn’t be donated to some guys watching the Redskins game. They would have died and gone to heaven–depending on how long that luncheon meat had been sitting under the lights!

  2. The term luncheon meat cracks me up.
    Could be Lunch ‘n Meet or Lunchin’ Meet.
    Thanks, Ellen!

  3. Just lovely!


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