That’s how strong my love is.

He made it, I ate it, it was pitch black on the bottom. How could I take a pass on a two-inch round grilled cheese and pepperoni? The pepperoni, our all-purpose food, met its snug destiny so neatly.

You make a coupla eggs in a frame, you got a coupla spare bread holes. Actually, they are not holes, as donut holes are not. The egg in a frame by-product is a bread round. A bag of donut holes would be lighter than a slice of bread and leave no grease spots, Watson. I believe the so-called donut holes at Dunkin’ Donuts have never made contact with a donut. Those hole thingys are too round and too big to squeeze inside a chocolate glazed, for instance.


Indulging in a post that is more personal than is typical for me. After all, it is Thanksgiving. Time to get teary-eyed over the gorgeousness of my own life.

The mashed potatoes were riced, nice and glamoured thrice – butter, cream and salt.

We raced through the thankfulness for family and friends. While it goes without saying, if you don’t say it, it might go, via the bad luck of taking it for granted.


Look out ahead. As Chris Smither said, You get kids, you get maudlin.


o. k. i am thankful.
for the exuberance of my child. for the peaceful passing, after lives joyfully lived, of my two sweet dogs. for my continued health and ability to do what needs to be done, far as i can tell. for a tiny taste of what might, maybe be human beings rounding the corner towards thinking about possibly, perhaps, preserving and restoring and protecting mother earth. believe you me, that is one mother who is entitled to be maudlin. for the gorgeousness of all life. for being older, wiser and alive in it.
do wish I had a bit of leftover turkey and a coupla slices of bread….

2 responses to “That’s how strong my love is.

  1. Lisa…thanks for sharing. I loved this entry. Hugs, Betty

  2. Aaaw. Thanks, Betty. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. xo

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