Beg Pardon??

Banh Mi in DC?

Can the classic Vietnamese sandwich be rescued from Northern Virginia?

Rescued?? Nice choice of word. Hey, ain’t we all in this together? Last time I looked out my NoVa window, we were not under water, or under threat of siege, or under anything but the big blue sky that umbrellas us all.

Lookie here for Mark Furstenburg’s new adventure. G Street Food. Gee. I mean GEE, been here so long that G Street is not the street I knew. No 3 story, warren of treasures that was G Street Remnant. My mind’s nose smells G Street and conjures discarded food. After hours street scents and scenes.

This is a new day, however, and DC is re-re-re-born. You go, Mr. Furstenburg. And go and go and go. 71 is the new 69. In my family that is 43. When we utter, “Oh, to be 81 again”, it means something.

Nevermind. Whatever. No bundle in my undies over this slight slight. Banh Mi is the It Wich, according to my Sandwich-O-Meter, and she is a fine choice. Bout time she left the safety of the suburbs, grabbed her trendy bag, and teetered the downtown sidewalks in spike-heeled boots. You go, Miss Banh Mi. Banh Mi Mi to you, Handsome!

Thanks a banh million to Mike of ComicsDC for the linkety link.


One response to “Beg Pardon??

  1. That. Looks. Gooooooood. I want Miss Banh Mi, although I’m not sure exactly what you’re talking about

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